Teo The Artist is a Chicago musician through and through.” - Morgan Ciocca

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Teo The Artist's Debut Album, 'Open Mind', is a Confessional Joy Ride, Buckle Up Listeners”

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I think I walked by while they were filming the video for this. If I’d known that it was for a song that is this weird and goes this hard, I would’ve stopped to check it out. I don’t know why this track feels SO Chicago, but it just does. That’s crazy. ” - Jill Hopkins

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Music Review: “OPEN MIND” (album) by Teo The Artist”

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Brace yourself for some unbearable heat.”


Teo The Artist

Teo The Artist, off stage known as Tim Jones, is a rapper, musician, and producer based and raised in Chicago. He founded his rap collective, brand, and stage band called ADHD which stands for Always Driven Having Determination. His music reveals his life experiences through his lyrics and his background as a gospel and jazz musician are brought to life through colorful chords and upbeat vibes.